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High Quality FRP manufacturer with a proven history
Bosung E & M has been in the business of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) manufacturing since originated in Seoul, South Korea in 1977. We have worked closely with our customers to achieve the highest standards of quality, and successfully delivered industrial solutions maximizing environmental benefits of FRP. Currently, the operational headquarter is strategically located in Boeun, Chuncheong Buk-do and maintains technologically advanced manufacturing facilities in Boeun and Incheon. Our energetic and experienced approach with an obsessive attention to service will always make you fully satisfied.
Our Products
We manufacture a broad range of FRP products and specialized in critically scrubber/absorber, pipe, tanks, tower/stack, fan/blower, and various customized applications for power plant, F.G.D system, desalination plant, environment plant, chemical plant, refinery plant, petrochemical plant, and other divergent industrial plants demanding FRP. Please, see more information on our products.
Technological innovator at the forefront of FRP industry
We hold a number of patents for high quality FRP manufacturing methods with the result that our enthusiastic research team in Bosung Technology & Research Institute has strived to improve quality and productivity since created in 1998. Our passion for developing innovative technology of the most cost-effectiveness FRP manufacturing methods will continue throughout our business practice and operation.
Commitment to Quality
We take pride in our dedication to understanding and exceeding our customer’s quality requirements. As an ISO accredited manufacturer, our staff of mechanical, chemical engineers are poised to handle all customer’s requirements, and managers impose critical in-process and final inspection steps with the highest professional standard to ensure our product consistency and minimize variation.
Company Name Bosung Engineering & Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Established Date Sept.1 ,1977
Capital US Dollar 750,000
Empolyees 55
Head Office / Factory 13F, Daehan Kyowon Bldg. 357,Baekbeom-ro, Namdong-gu, Inchon City, Korea.
Tel +82-32-816-8888(Rep), +82-32-441-8870/5
Fax +82-32-816-8881