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Chemical Industrial Plant

Asvantage Of FRP Equipments
  • It widely uesd as a storage tank of acid and alkali, because of its good chemical resistance.
  • It can be installed outdoors thanks to its good durability to climate variations.
  • Frictional endurance is higher than other plastics.
  • Can be used as storage tank, reaction tank, agitation tank, measurement tank.
  • It can be designd, producted and established according to the requirements of small or large capacity.
  • FRP Turbo-Fan, Blowers, Axial Fans, Roof Ventilator
  • FRPDamper,Steel Structure, Ladder & Platform
  • FRP Vessel, Storage Tank , Reactor Tank
  • FRP Duct, Piping, Fitting, Hood
  • FRP Waste Treatment Tank, FRP cover.