Power Plant / F.G.D System 1 페이지

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Power Plant / F.G.D System

Scrubber & Absorber
  • Thanks to our long experience accompanied by technical expertise for filling, thickness of filling and processing gas speed, we are well equiqqed to meet technical requirements of the customer.
  • This requipment is used to purify poisonous exhaust gas through its internal special filling pieces which enlarge the surface between exhaust gas and fluids.
  • Due to corrosion to be caused by poisonous gas, FRP is usually adopted as basic material.
Tower & Stack
  • Tower & stack which exhausts purified waste gas is manufactured with FRP.
  • Large diameter tower & stack can be produced.
  • Main structure of tower & stack is made of FRP and supported by stee frames.
  • Special type of tower & stack(like for very high air pressure) are also available.
  • F.G.D Absorber Tower
  • F.G.D Spray Header
  • F.G.D Slurry pipe and fittings
  • F.G.D Tower , Tank and Duct